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SmartLipo is a form of liposuction that uses laser technology to destroy fat cells. The energy from the laser liquefy the fat, and the surgeon suctions out this material through a small tube called a cannula.
**Traditional lipo uses physical manipulation and a cannula to suction your fat from under your skin. SmartLipo uses laser heat for liquefying or softening the fat.
Male Front B + A 2 pics
Female 2 Front B + A 2 pic
Male 4 pic Before + After
Female Before + After 4 pics
Front Female 4 2 pics B + A
Female Front B + A 2 pic
Female Before + After 2 pics
Female 7 Front B + A
Female Back B+A 2 pics
Female 5 Side B + A
Female 6 Side B + A
Female 3 Side B + A 3 pics
Beige Brown Neutral Before + After Instagram Post
Arm 3 pics B + A
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